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We are not just another accessories label.  Out ethos is standing out from the crowd: our design and ideas will make you go “oooo” and “ahhhhh”.

We are pleased to introduce our Autumn Winter Bamboos, these extremely well priced!!!! and are very comfortable.

We only have 7 of our limited addition Amsterdam bags left so get in quick to order your bag, we have had nothing but fantastic feed back regarding these bags.


Have you got your Lucy Lous?

me and sally all blacks

A Silver Lining in every cloud

June 26, 2014
Some of you may or may not have read my face book page, unfortunately…
hair etc god save the queen

Lucy Lou Loves Princess Kate !!!!!

April 7, 2014
OMG just seen Kate Touch down!!!! I remember as a little girl…

Mothers in the Ring

March 24, 2014
Salsa came up with this little story!!!!!! Tonight I said…
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